Improve internet connectivity in each room AND generate revenue? An idea for Sheraton Vistana.

“We’re going to Disney World?!!”

The excitement in a three year old’s voice is contagious! We just spent a week in Orlando and didn’t want to come home.

Our vacation could be described as follows:

Wake up. RIDES!! Come home. Eat. CRASH. Zzzzz.


We did a lot of walking every day, and were happy to come home to the Sheraton Vistana Resort each evening. We really enjoyed our time there – and while we had some minor hiccups, one thing stuck out that I would like to bring to Sheraton’s attention.

The internet connectivity.

I know, I know. Before you tell me “Hey you’re on vacation, enjoy the outdoors!” let me say I completely agree with you. Not-so-ironically enough, the best wireless signal I got – was sitting outside our villa in the lovely closed-in patio.


Anywhere indoors, the internet was, let’s just say, “Less then optimal.”

My Mom always said growing up that if you’re going to offer criticism, do it constructively – but I’m going to take it one step further and offer a solution. How about that?

Sheraton folks? Consider using powerline adapters. I’ve written about them on my blog previously.

Now, not being clued-in to how your network is configured, I assume there is a router or a bridge (on each floor?) in every building.

It could work like this:

You would connect the initial small powerline adapter into a port on the router or switch (and plug the unit into a wall power jack), and then distribute wireless adapters as needed. They can both act as an extender for the internet, and if plugged directly in a villa, they also include a wired (read: stable) connection, which is preferable to wireless. Offsetting the capital outlay, you could offer a separate device to guests for that improved connection (and a fee). Honestly, I would have gladly paid $25-50 to have one in my room – as I considered buying a LTE hot spot (but not for $100 for a week). Ouch! Or you could just add one or two to each floor in maintenance closets so as to prevent access to them, while providing expanded wireless internet coverage.

Maybe consider something like this?

You might opt for something completely different –  and I can appreciate that. I just wanted to offer a possible solution for folks who might bring up the connection speed as an issue. As it doesn’t appear that the rooms are hard-wired, a wireless one of these could be added to their room ahead of their arrival and give that room much better internet coverage during their stay.

But they (and by they I mean myself) should be outside enjoying Orlando!


See you again – hopefully – before too long! I can already hear it now: “When are we going back to Disney World?”

Thanks for reading!

Glenn Riccobono




Q: Wi-Fi Dead Spots? A: Powerline Adapters.

Do you wish your internet connection was better in certain places in your house or yard? Check out the last few network names in this photo. Maybe your network looks like old Netgear53 or ATT there at the bottom. One bar? Not in range?


Does your network look like the bottom few instead of the top ones? Let’s fix that.









If you got frustrated enough, you might have tried to do something about it. Maybe you bought a better modem, a different router, upgraded your internet package – maybe you even went outside – yes outside!! to a store (remember those?) – for advice. Maybe you got mixed results – and likely shelled out a pretty penny doing so.

Funny thing is, I just met a store employee who had NEVER HEARD of what I’m about to tell you. That’s always encouraging, right? 

So here’s the deal. My solution is cheaper than buying a new router, upgrading your internet package, or well, venturing out to the store. Two words.

Powerline. Adapters. (don’t be afraid to click me. I’m a link to powerline adapters at Amazon)

You’re looking at me like I just spoke an unknown language. Well, like I said, that poor electronics store employee had never heard of them either. He wanted to buy a brand new $300 router because he couldn’t get a solid internet connection in his bedroom. Maybe you’re in the same boat. Would you rather spend under $100 for the same results? “Who wouldn’t?” Good answer.

A little background.

Your internet connection comes into your house via a modem and router. Then the router (it has an antenna) broadcasts the internet signal through your house. Walls block it and distance slows it, so by the time you get a decent distance away, the signal is weakened. Therein lies the problem.

Powerline adapters work like this.You plug the adapter into the wall – in an electric outlet close to your router. The adapter comes with a cable – and you connect one end to the adapter, and the other into your router. This is where the magic happens. The signal goes out of your router, through the adapter, and then through the copper wiring in your home. Its next stop? The other adapter. (there are two in a kit)

You plug that second adapter in another outlet, preferably in the worst Wi-Fi area in your home. You turn it on, the adapters find each other (how adorable) and you now have a wireless signal (a pretty strong one, based on the folks I’ve used it for) where before you had nothing.

Does this sound miraculous? It pretty much is. And it’s cheap. Cheaper than buying a new router.

Want to call my bluff? Fine. Let’s do this.

Here’s the internet speed at my desk right now.  My computer is directly connected to my router. Pretty fast, right?

Desktop speed





So I just did the same test, on Wi-Fi on my phone, using the same network. (I’m sitting three feet from my router)

A tad slower, right? (More like a LOT slower)

A tad slower, right? (More like a LOT slower)







This last test was done in my Aunt’s living room, where she could never get Wi-Fi signal before. On her new shiny powerline adapter-created network of blazing speed. (Yeah, I’m not jealous. Weeping.)

Yes, when connected to the  powerline adapter my connection was KINDA fast. The tears I'm shedding here are real, people. Bitter and salty.

Yes, when connected to the powerline adapter my connection was KINDA fast. The tears I’m shedding here are real, people. Bitter and salty.








Excuse me while I grumble under my breath, but IT’S BETTER THAN WHAT I GOT SITTING THREE FEET FROM MY $200 router!! I’m going to go calm down now, but if you’re interested in this setup, CLICK HERE. (same link as above)

If you buy* a set of these and love them, let me know. I hope your connection is awesome – just don’t tell me if it’s better than mine – Ok?

*The blog is called Full Disclosure. If you click on the links I put in the article, and buy something, I might get a $1 or something from Amazon. They are called affiliate links. But since you’re reading this, and we’re friends, you know I’m a single Dad and I like helping people. So you’ll want to help me, right? No pressure. Hugs, kisses and better Wi-Fi connections for all….

Thanks for reading –



Marvel Universe Live: Wells Fargo Center 7/25/14

The view from our seats. Not too shabby!

The view from our seats. Not too shabby!

Any superhero fans in your house? If so, you’ve possibly stepped on some action figures, washed well-worn shirts and handed down many a Halloween costume. If your kids (and by “your kids” I mean “YOU and your kids“) have grown up watching cartoons, playing with action figures and can tell you without hesitation which Spiderman costume is the best (OBVIOUSLY THIS ONE! and NO not this one) then you might want to take them to Marvel Universe Live.

What is it?  Marvel Universe Live is an arena stage play featuring Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk, Black Widow, Wolverine, Hawkeye, and their allies battling bad guys in a live action, digitally assisted, choreographed event. If your kids enjoy stunt shows or have watched the Avengers, they will really get a charge out of this.

Where and When: On July 25th my son and I took in the show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. Want to see if it’s coming near you? Take a look at the tour list!

Review: “How did they do that?” my nine-year old wondered out loud. We just saw a few stage hands lay out what looked like a blanket in a circle, which rapidly transformed into a circle of boulders. Thor appeared amidst the circle and the show began!  For about the next two hours (with a brief intermission included) we laughed at all the Spidey quips (and lost count of how many times he flips), we both wanted to beat up Loki (who wouldn’t?) and had a great time as the action unfolded in front of us: above the stage, on the stage, and all points in between. There were motorcycles, “car” chases (listen, I know that’s a dressed up golf cart, you know) and a whole bunch of choreographed combat.

But let’s talk about the combat. See, having seen the Avengers, and the Spiderman movies, and Captain America and Thor and goodness knows how much Marvel media we’ve consumed by now – my son was quick to point out that the hand to hand fighting was well, kinda hokey. I mean, there were some seriously half-hearted kicks and punches thrown, from which bad guys flopped immediately. On more than one occasion we laughed at how far the punch (or kick) was away from the other character. At one point a villain was trying to punch Iron Man, and we thought: “Wouldn’t that guy seriously hurt his hand punching that metal suit?” But I digress. We had to remember that this is a play, that there is no CGI, and it might have been the viewing angle at times. We were on the second level, and I have no clue if that affects the combat view. Maybe? There were certain battles above the stage that we had a tough time seeing because of the rigging.

Yeah I just realized this is at an angle. I'm not a photographer. But for reference that poster book is huge!

Yeah I just realized this is at an angle. I’m not a photographer. But for reference that poster book is huge!

What we bought: My son wanted a Spiderman souvenir cup Sno-Cone. $12. My crabby fries (Come on, it’s Philly – I had to!) were $11. The official program/comic was $20, but with a poster book and coloring book it came to $26.



Verdict: All in all, once we settled in to the “This is a play, not a movie” mindset, we had a blast. In full disclosure, while he really liked it, the differences between a movie and the live show were easy to spot for my almost 10 year old (who at multiple times pointed out harness wires) “Dude this isn’t a CGI green room, remember?” but if you have slightly less analytical superhero fans at home, their heads will absolutely explode. Seeing all their favorite heroes battling it out with bad guys in person, combined with the special effects, will leave their mouths open for a good while. Once they realize that it is supposed to be fun and not super-realistic, the older ones will enjoy it too (and yes you too, Moms and Dads). We would definitely go again and be smiling the whole time.

We had a great time!

We had a great time!



A Sizzling Idea for Smashburger

Recently a colleague and I went to Smashburger for lunch in the Menlo Park Mall. While a couple of folks in front of me were discussing their favorite menu items, I noticed that the last of their menu screens was out of service. Unlike some restaurants, who put lights behind pictures of their food, this TV screen was displaying a Windows logo?!

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it!

(cue the light bulb)

In the two places I know locally that have Smashburger, Menlo Park Mall and Brick, NJ – each location also has numerous other fast-food restaurants nearby. There isn’t the local buzz to our local Brick Smashburger in comparison to the recently opened Chick-Fil-A, for example. So how could Smashburger differentiate itself from the competition?

THAT LAST SCREEN. Hear me out.

FACT 1: Smashburger has a text graphic on the wall that says that they “smash” their burgers. There is a picture of a beef patty in a pre-smashed state.

FACT 2: While standing at the counter on a busy day, one can hear the manager bellowing “Smash (this and that) up!” from the kitchen.

FACT 3: I have no idea why a “smashed” chicken sandwich tastes so good compared to other restaurant’s offerings, but I know it’s become my favorite.

IDEA: Hey Smashburger! Why not put a video of a burger being smashed to perfection on one or more of the screens? SMASH IN ACTION! Cue the sound of the sizzling burger. See the new bun. The freshly cut lettuce and ripe red tomato. Sure, staring at text descriptions of menu items is one thing, but come on: give us something to drool over. (Think about Pavlov’s dog!)

You may ask: “Where should we put this screen?”

Replace the text graphic with a LCD monitor hanging on the wall where people IN LINE can see it. To get really creative, hang another in the front window!! Give people outside (who typically look for a menu) a glimpse of that freshly smashed burger! “I don’t need to look at the menu, dear – just…look. That looks gooooooood.” Pipe the smell from the kitchen outside the front door! Are you with me?

You might even consider having fun with one of the ACTUAL menu screens. Let one of them display a screensaver that shows high-res pictures of each of the menu items with their name(s) beneath. Or videos. Or pictures from visitors displaying a hashtag – or a #smashtag. Put the photos and videos on the screens, and then also: drop them on your website and Facebook pages!

Think about it: Does anyone else do this? The only other restaurant (at least locally) that uses a screen to their advantage is Surf Taco. They have multiple TVs which put up videos of their locations, their food, their site and Twitter hashtags, and some cool surfing footage. It’s masterful. Go there on a junket.

Some restaurants use TV to lure in visitors to watch sports. Why not use it at Smashburger to interact with hungry customers?


Just an idea.

Thanks for reading!




A Farm Fresh Idea for Sony and PSN


If I wanted to find awesome new people to consider adding to my PSN friends list – how could I do that? Do I really have to leave my console?


I put my information into a social app on PS4. Heck, I have a PS camera, and could upload a picture or record a welcome video, too!


Let’s face it. I came over from Xbox. I’m a single Dad, play when I can, and I know nobody on PSN.

Sure, I could:

  • Friend someone I just met in a multiplayer match, but people don’t seem to talk much on PSN. (Maybe that comes from @notaxation who says that’s his policy!)
  • Email a podcast like Beyond and ask to be Hit of the Week. But do you really know those people apart from liking the podcast?
  • Put up a notification on Facebook and get my non-gamer friends all scared. (“Gasp! He plays… VIDEO games?”)

I would guess there are a lot of (think: parent) gamers out there in my situation.


Q: What’s a cool solution?

A: Playstation Social (friend-finder) app. PS4 is THE social console with its sharing features, right? Why not help gamers make new friends too?


Q: What do you call it?

A: Why not Friend Factory! (Sound too familiar to the upcoming Share Factory? Well, you ARE “making” friends, right? Ok, so maybe that’s terrible) – but maybe Playstation Nation, PS Family, PS Friend Finder or something else entirely, fresh from the mind of Sid Shuman.



Sony: You collect the motherlode of demographic information. You end up with a closely-knit group of gamers who hopefully won’t leave PSN! (Of course, I say this having come from Xbox Live – so you know it can happen based on certain circumstances)

Gamers: You can possibly make life-long friends. Meet similar like-minded/age/location/team-player etc. gamers to play or party up with online. To be excited about their “What’s New.” To compare against on the leaderboards.



Sony: The responsibility of keeping the data secure, in light of past events and the Heartbleed bug. Being neutral and not using the info for ads – although customized game recommendations might be a plus?! “Hey, you’re interested in driving games? We have a flash sale including a game you might love!” The chance that some gamers might not use it for fear of privacy concerns. (But better information = better friend matches.)

Gamers: To opt-in or not opt-in. To provide that much personal information. The chance of it becoming a social sandbox, including all the sand tossing. Friend stalking?



Q: How could Sony pay for it?

A: Charge $9.99 to change PSN ID’s. There’s all the revenue you’ll need. Problem solved! wink wink



If you’re trying to solidify the PS4’s position as the premier social console, imagine being able to check the app to see if there are any new farm-fresh (sorry Sid, couldn’t help myself) PSN Friend recommendations! I have more ideas for you guys, but this one came yesterday when I noticed my one (1) friend deleted me. So how do I meet some cool new people?


Thanks for reading! Back to that Second Son platinum attempt.




Proverbs 10: One Verse

Hey everyone – I’ve really enjoyed writing about Proverbs every day for a whole month. I can’t believe I actually finished! I’m not good at finishing, so this is an accomplishment! Thank you for taking the journey with me! Now when you come to the site, you can search for “Proverbs ____” insert the day of the month there – and there is a devotion for every day. I hope you will check them out!

But today I will share one of my favorite verses. It is verse 22 of Proverbs 10.

22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.

How does God’s blessing make us rich? I immediately think of Him enriching us:

  • spiritually – growing in Him
  • emotionally – overcoming an obstacle
  • physically – healing or strengthening
  • eternally – the blessing might not come until Heaven!

Is there the chance that He will bless us financially? Sure! But I don’t read the verse as God is shaking some kind of heavenly money tree to bless us. He has more ways than we can even imagine. Even blessings in disguise, which I am terrible at seeing. (somehow thinking I know better than He does)

God doesn’t add any sorrow with His blessings. But I think I do! See, I’m a worrywart. I’m also slightly paranoid. I tend to think in worst-case scenarios, which is sad. So reading this verse, thinking about myself, I might add sorrow to things. Do you?

“Well this happened, but THAT didn’t happen.”

Sound familiar? It’s as if God doesn’t really know best. I do! (wishful thinking, right?)

It’s almost as though I see the future but somehow God doesn’t. Excuse me as I go pound my head against the nearest brick wall! Everytime I get a blessing that isn’t as big or nice or as expensive or as amazing as someone else’s, I, not God, add sorrow to it. He didn’t. He meant it for good – to brighten my day. But then I get my comparison shopper hat on, and I wonder how that makes God feel.

“I’m sorry Lord, your blessing for me isn’t as nice as so-and-so’s.”

In conclusion, when God gives you a blessing, even those “blessings in disguise,” relax and enjoy. God knows what you need at every moment. He loves you more than you love yourself. Hard to imagine but true.

Have a fantastic day! I’m going to put up a poll about what we can talk about next. Any ideas? Leave them in the comments below.


Thanks for reading!




Proverbs 9: Which One Are You?

First things first. This is a lesson I heard taught by Andy Stanley. I know, you guys may have picked up on that by now – I listen to a lot of NorthPoint sermon series via podcast. But I was also fortunate enough to be able to teach this lesson in church. It was a lot of fun! Here’s the deal. Solomon personifies Wisdom in Proverbs 9 – and we learn about three specific people in the chapter. In the first three verses, Wisdom has built her house and prepared a meal. Who should show up and learn?

1) The Simple (Verse 4 – “…Whoso is simple, let him turn in hither:”)

Ok, ok, relax for a second. I’m not trying to call anyone simple or make you out to be some kind of a simpleton. Simple in this context means naive. As in – no life experience. For example a young person that doesn’t know better is “simple.” I remember my Mom calling me “Don’t Know Riccobono” when I was a kid. Have you ever played dumb? Either truthfully or faking it? Well, the simple learn by life experience – and from the sermon that this came from – what the simple need to do before making any life decision is ask: “In light of my past experiences, my future hopes and dreams – what is the wise thing for me to do?” And to take the answer and line it up next to what they may have learned in church, at home or from the Bible. When they are able to ask the question, line it up , and be willing to make value judgments based on the results, they are on the road to wisdom.

2) The Fool (Verse 6 – “Forsake the foolish, and live; and go in the way of understanding.”)

Here’s the issue with the fool. They know better and don’t care. They are apathetic and ambivalent toward God. They give up. Maybe something happened to turn off their “care” switch. Maybe they were hurt at some point. But regardless, we are to be careful with fools. Because here’s one reason: They don’t care who they hurt. And if they don’t care about themselves, if you put yourself in their care or responsibility, you may get hurt and they don’t even notice.

3) The Scorner (Verse 8 “Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man, and he will love thee.”

The scorner is quick to turn anything into an argument and immediately point fingers. They are historians and remember the things we do that appeared hypocritical at the time. We all have those moments. But the scorner uses harsh words to build up walls and keep people at bay. Are we scorners? Do we let guilt trips over sin lead us to point fingers instead of being introspective? Are we faking it in our Christian lives? Be daring and answer that question in your mind.

So if we ask the questions about what is wise, ask God for wisdom and seek Him, He will give it to us. Have a great day!




Proverbs 8: Here’s Your Treasure Map

When I think of gold, I automatically think of Scrooge McDuck. Anyone know where I’m going here? Uncle Scrooge swimming in a virtual pool of gold coins! While my son thinks that would be fun, I’m not so sure. I mean, that first landing would be a doozie.

So we’ve already heard about gold and silver – and wisdom – from Solomon. But today I want to look at just a few verses that talk about choices. Let’s start with verse 10.

10 Receive my instruction, and not silver; and knowledge rather than choice gold.

Solomon is saying we should prefer instruction to silver or gold. And notice he doesn’t stop with gold. He says “choice” gold. a.k.a the Good Stuff. But, why Solomon, why? (Verse 11)

11 For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.

Solomon again with his blunt force trauma teaching technique. Not only does he say wisdom is better than silver, and gold, now he’s dragging rubies into this. But look at the end of the verse!

all the things that may be desired

Everyone sigh a huge sigh with me. You know what fits in that bucket? Everything.

  • The new PC I want
  • That shiny new device
  • In the words of Bob Barker: “A new car!!!”
  • A new house
  • A huge brokerage account

We’re just out of luck when Solomon’s around. And here’s the kicker:

Solomon may have been the richest man to ever live. He’s had his fill of wealth – and still comes back to:

are not to be compared to it.

He doesn’t qualify, he doesn’t say “Well once you reach this amount you’re happy.” “Once you can buy THIS you’ll be happy.” Nope. He says nothing we can grab hold of with our grubby paws can even attempt to compare with wisdom. That, my friends is a big deal.

So what are we to be seeking? Glad you asked. Check this out! A real Biblical TREASURE MAP! (the bolded text is from me)

18 Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness.
19 My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver.
20 I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:
21 That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures.

Look, if we’re chasing stuff – we have no idea where to look. We may violate our morals or ethics to get it – and does that honor God? Wouldn’t we rather be blessed by God with what He wants to bless us with by loving God and being obedient? What do you think? Sound off in the comments.

Have a great day! Thanks for reading!



Proverbs 7: Just Say No

This is dating myself, but I remember commercials saying that about drugs. Maybe you do too! But today’s chapter of Proverbs, chapter 7, calls out the lures of lust – similar to chapter 5. One thing Proverbs does is to reiterate when something is important.

In this case, the activities outlined in chapter 5 are brought back to the forefront.

We can read the story of how a naive man is lured into a harlot’s house and the excuses she makes to him. She keeps coaxing him until he relents.

My thoughts?

  • If he knew where her house was, why not walk a different way? This is partly his fault for putting himself in the situation. (verse 25)
  • Listen to the excuses. They are trash! “I have made my vows” and “The goodman is not at home.” Oh sure – now everything is fine? Right.

The sad thing is, it sounds like these are two willing parties. He is walking where he knows he will be tempted, and she is more than ready to oblige.

Folks, I’ll keep it short and sweet since we just talked about this in chapter 5.

Just. Say. No.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you know you will be tempted.

If you are on a diet, do you hang out in a doughnut shop?

If you are allergic to peanuts, do you buy bags of them anyway and keep them all around the house?

If you are tempted by something specific – take action and cut it out of your life. Walk a different path. Take precautions.


God bless – have a fantastic week!




Proverbs 6: Body Language

I used to really like the TV show Lie to Me. It was about a doctor who could “read” people, and could tell if they were lying. It was actually really fascinating – and it was based on a real person! While reading Proverbs 6, I came across a few interesting verses in the middle – not the ants, which would be easy to harp on, or the section on adultery at the end – which was sadly mentioned yesterday. But these verses are very telling. Let’s dig in.

12 A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth.

Sometimes “froward” looks like “forward” to me. But that would be the exact opposite of what the word means. Froward means contrary. Opposite. Salt as opposed to sugar. Naughty as opposed to nice. Am I guilty of this? Gosh, sometimes. It’s easy to be negative. Sometimes people are so happy it’s just sickening. “How are you not upset about ____?” And they just carry on smiling and/or singing. But this verse is saying that if we’re walking around being contrary, discouraging, tearing down instead of building up – we (and by “we” I mean me) are clearly in the wrong.

13 He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;

He winketh with his eyes. Apart from sounding completely Shakespearean, what do wicked people do? My first thought is to agree just to get the other person to shut up. Like a wink and a “uh huh – whatever you say” type of situation. Why do we do that? It’s condescending and passive-aggressive. Why not be honest?

He speaketh with his feet. Wow. How is this possible? How about when adversity comes calling, or someone needs help – we are GONE. Our feet carry us quickly away from the situation. Why get involved? Why bother? Instead of our actions doing the talking, our feet start a-walking – in the opposite direction.

He teacheth with his fingers. Oh my gosh. This is amazing. What are your thoughts here? Mine are as follows: When I don’t care to help someone I just point them somewhere. “Yeah, so and so knows,” or I pull a fast one and go to Let Me Google That for You and send them to that link. (As an aside, if someone asks you a really nutso question, you can have fun by using LMGTFY) I am told that at least. wink wink

14 Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.

More of the same. We can be really contrary – discouraging – thinking of evil deeds. Sowing discord is basically gossiping. All things that will ruin relationships, ruin churches, and in short – render a Christian totally ineffective for God. Is that really what we want? Look at the consequences for the wicked man in this chapter.

15 Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy.

We can take this two ways. If we are the wicked ones here – God is watching. He knows everything we do, and if He feels the need, He can judge us. But on the other side, as much as we want to project anger onto someone that hurt us, or burned us – God has that under control.


Hey all – I’m feeling like verse 10, myself. I’m tired. Going to bed.

10 Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep:


Have a great day! God bless!